Reebok launches Yard Love apparel collection

Reebok launches Yard Love apparel collection



American athletic footwear and apparel company Reebok

The collection features seven hoodies and seven tees in different colourways, Reebok said in a press release.

Yard Love is the latest initiative in support of Reebok’s United Against Racism commitments, an action plan built to stand up against racism and strengthen the brand’s diversity and inclusion efforts both internally and externally.

“As a member of a historically Black Greek organisation, January, the founding month of my sisterhood, is incredibly special to me,” said Portia Blunt, VP of apparel at Reebok. “These communities foster a unique bond and heritage of service work that has been maintained for over a century. I am proud to have the opportunity to celebrate and honour the legacies of these organisations and create a capsule many of our team members can tell their personal stories through.”

“This collection will help shine a light on the important efforts of historically Black fraternities and sororities,” said John Moore, SVP, US commercial sales, Reebok. “As a member of a Black Greek organisation, we believe in the power of human achievement and are committed to justice and equality for all.”

To further Reebok’s commitment to supporting these impactful Black Greek organisations, the brand is pledging to donate a minimum of $25,000 to the UNCF.

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