FRAME Unveils Expansion Strategy with New Store Openings and Ambitious Growth Plans

**FRAME Unveils Expansion Strategy with New Store Openings and Ambitious Growth Plans**

**New York, USA – March 8, 2023** – FRAME, the premium denim and contemporary fashion brand, is embarking on an ambitious expansion strategy, announcing plans for multiple new store openings, a refined brand strategy, and a focus on international growth.

**Store Expansion**

FRAME is set to open 10 new stores globally in 2023, including flagship locations in strategic markets such as London, Paris, and Tokyo. These stores will showcase the brand’s elevated denim offerings, expanded ready-to-wear collections, and accessories.

**Refined Brand Strategy**

In line with its expansion plans, FRAME has unveiled a refined brand strategy that emphasizes its commitment to sustainability, inclusivity, and customer experience. The brand is focusing on creating a seamless omnichannel experience, integrating online and offline touchpoints to enhance customer engagement.

**International Growth**

FRAME is prioritizing international growth as a key driver of its expansion strategy. The brand aims to establish a strong presence in key markets across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, leveraging its unique blend of elevated denim and contemporary designs.

**Comments from Founder and CEO**

Jens Grede, Founder and CEO of FRAME, commented on the brand’s ambitious plans: .

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