BoohooMan launches collab with Shaqir and Shareef OâNeal as it focuses on US

BoohooMan launches collab with Shaqir and Shareef O’Neal as it focuses on US

BoohooMan needs some big names to match its Tall collection and here they don’t come much bigger. Now starring as ambassadors for the new just-released collection are American basketball players Shaqir and Shareef O’Neal.


Following the success of BoohooMan’s first Tall edit with Shaqir in 2021, the brand has now recruited his brother to the cause. This soon-to-be-released exclusive range is promised to be MoohooMan’s “strongest yet”.

The collection “captures each sibling’s unique style while signifying the importance of brotherhood — inviting the customer to become a member of this ‘ride or die’ family”.

Shaqir is well known for playing college basketball for Texas Southern, and being the youngest son of former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal. And 22-year-old Shareef is set to follow in his father’s footsteps having recently competed in the NBA summer league, playing for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Heavily influenced by the grunge and renaissance trends, the 50-piece collection will serve as the next step for BoohooMan in extending its Big & Tall fashion offer taking in sizes up to 2XL and Big up to 5XL. Additionally, inside leg availability will go up to 36 inches. 

Key details throughout include distressing, raw edge appliqué and bleach splatters. The range also features sports tops, faux layer pieces and graphic prints – “staple pieces that are this year’s must-haves for any stylish menswear wardrobe”, said the retailer.

Shane Chin, Head of Design for BoohooMan said: “This year the team wanted to focus on the US market and what was trending over there for us, but we also wanted to make sure it still aligned with the brothers’ personal aesthetic. We introduced key new shapes such as boxy + long-line silhouettes which can be layered up for transitional looks. We kept the color palette neutral with pops of red to showcase the playful grunge/renaissance trend. We’re excited to work with both of the O’Neal brothers and believe this collection is a versatile range that will speak to the BoohooMan customer.” 

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