Leviâs, Adish drop co-designed collection celebrating Palestinian women’s craftsmanship

Levi’s, Adish drop co-designed collection celebrating Palestinian women’s craftsmanship

Translated by

Nicola Mira

Denim giant Levi’s has co-designed with Adish, an emerging label based in Tel Aviv, Israel, a ready-to-wear capsule collection themed around upcycling and social engagement. The collection is inspired by traditional Palestinian embroidery, and the garments are made using a cross-stitching pattern called “Tatreez” as well as Bedouin weaving techniques. It is a tribute to local heritage and traditions, as the items have been manufactured in cooperation with 50 women artisans from the Lakiya Negev Weaving Initiative, an organization founded in 1991 to promote the economic empowerment of women living in the West Bank and occupied Palestine.

The capsule collection designed by Levi’s and Adish replicates a traditional embroidery pattern called “Tatreez” – Levi’s

The unisex collection consists of four items, including a version of Levi’s renowned 501 jeans – the US label’s flagship model – made in a blend of cotton and hemp. Available in two shades, ecru and indigo, the jeans are decorated with a bronze-coloured cashmere print. The oversize Chore jacket is instead enhanced with wool pockets, hand-sewn using a traditional Bedouin technique.

Each item also features embroidered motifs depicting the daily life of the Palestinian community, such as olive harvesting, animal breeding and domestic work, alongside traditional local embroidery and a green Levi’s tag at the back.

Adish was launched by Israeli duo Amit Luzon and Eyal Eliyahu in 2018, with the goal of combating “the apathy felt by the majority of the Israeli population” with regards to the occupation of the West Bank after the Six-Day War in 1967. ‘Adish’ means ‘apathetic’ in Hebrew, adding an irreverent twist to the label’s name. 

For the collection, Levi’s and Adish have tapped unsold inventory of the US label’s Chore jacket and Original 501 jeans, which have been recycled and remodelled. An original way to alleviate the issue of dormant stocks for the US denim giant, founded in 1873 by Levi Strauss.

The collection’s prices range from €215 for the jeans to €250 for the jacket. The products are available since November 4 on the Levi’s e-shop and at some Levi’s stores, as well as at select multibrand retailers.

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