ThredUp launches vintage collection with Heinz ketchup

ThredUp launches vintage collection with Heinz ketchup

Online resale platform ThredUp is teaming up with Heinz ketchup to launch a first-of-its-kind fashion collection of thrifted clothes with ketchup stains. 

ThredUp launches vintage collection with Heinz ketchup. – ThredUp

Dubbed the ‘Heinz Vintage Drip’ collection, it features 157 secondhand

The collection is also designed to give back. Available exclusively at, 100 percent of proceeds are going to Rise Against Hunger in support of global hunger relief. The first part of the collection dropped on August 30, with another drop expected on September 13.

“At ThredUp, we believe every piece of clothing deserves a second life — even summer barbeque casualties,” said Erin Wallace, VP of integrated marketing at ThredUp. 

“We’re thrilled to partner with an iconic brand like Heinz to create the first-ever line of ketchup-stained secondhand clothes, celebrating reuse. This collection offers a unique way for fashion risk-takers and food lovers alike to participate in the circular economy, while doing good for people and the planet.”

ThredUp’s 2022 Resale Report found that 62 percent of Gen Z and Millennials

“While Heinz is recognized globally for its iconic glass bottle, keystone and slow-pouring ketchup, we saw an opportunity to view the stain we’ve been leaving on clothes as another iconic brand symbol and change the narrative from a stain to a statement,” added Alyssa Cicero, brand manager, brand communications, at Heinz. 

“This collection is about sustainably celebrating the character Heinz ketchup stains add to apparel, inviting our fans to embrace a new iconic symbol.”

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