Forever 21 launches global campaign focusing on LA roots

Forever 21 launches global campaign focusing on LA roots

U.S. fashion retailer Forever 21

Forever 21 launches global campaign focusing on LA roots. – Instagram: Forever 21

The campaign is inspired by the different lifestyles found in Los Angeles neighborhoods. In particular, the campaign logo reflects six distinct parts of the city: Downtown LA (DTLA), Koreatown, East LA, Malibu, Hollywood and Venice. 

The campaign launches with a video, dubbed ‘A Little LA in All of Us’, and features cultural creators across TikTok, Instagram

The campaign will go live across the company’s platforms, from e-commerce and retail to social media and even its presence in the metaverse. The initiative is being overseen by the retailer’s new CEO, Winnie Park, who joined the company in January. 

“Our birthplace is the inspiration and muse for our sense of style. From the beaches of Malibu to the skate parks of Venice to the streets of DTLA and the lights of Hollywood, Los Angeles is the ultimate destination for tourists, immigrants, and culture. LA is truly multicultural and a center of innovation for music, cinema, the arts and fashion,” said Park.

“This shift in our strategy signals our move from fast fashion to omnichannel brand relevance with a focus on Gen Z who are not just digital natives but social natives as content creators and pioneers in social commerce

To further emphasize the power of creativity in Los Angeles, Forever 21 partnered with Boys & Girls Club of America and Art Bridges The Gap

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