Pangaia opens its first physical store in Los Angeles at The Grove

Pangaia opens its first physical store in Los Angeles at The Grove

For a few days now, a strange green cube has been set up in the aisles of The Grove shopping center in Los Angeles. Behind this unusual shopping experience, the brand Pangaia inaugurates through its first physical pop-up store.

Pangaia pop-up store at The Grove, Los Angeles

Founded by Russian entrepreneur Miroslava Vasilyevna Duma in 2018, and notably supported by investor Carmen Busquets, the co-founder of Net-a-Porter
Developed to offer an immersive experience, Pangaia at The Grove features several curated product drops, including exclusive first access to the brand’s most comprehensive product offering to date as the ‘Uniform Series 01’ collection, which launches globally on September 27.

Uniform Series 01 represents the brand’s new product architecture, developed to cover the leisurewear, activewear, outerwear, and accessory categories. Brought together for the first time in the form of a modern wardrobe the range is underpinned by innovations such as Spiber, Infinited Fiber, Pineapple Shirting, Reclaim, FLWRDWNTM, a down-fill material made using a combination of wildflowers, a biopolymer and aerogel, Re-Color and Grape Leather Sneakers, as well as a collaboration with the artist, Kenny Scharf. 

Uniform 01 Series collection at The Grove

Through the use of 3D audio spatialization, guests are transported to a lush forest inspired by the coastal coniferous woodland biomes of Northern California. The soundscape evolves as the day goes on to mimic the natural progression of the forest. As an added layer of the sensory experience, the landscape is further brought to life through smells of greenery, wet soil, and moss, a custom blend created to smell like the forest. 

Guests who enter the space are also encouraged to plant a tree through an interactive digital screen which also shares information about the brand’s Tomorrow Tree Fund. An initiative that has already allowed the brand to plant 1 million trees through 11 grassroot NGOs in 15 countries.

Pangaia at The Grove will run until September 27.

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