Katla launches NFT collection for ocean regeneration

Katla launches NFT collection for ocean regeneration

Sustainable, made-to-order womenswear brand Katla has once again teamed up with Icelandic artist, Hendrikka Waage, for the launch of an NFT series dubbed ‘Wonderful Beings’. 

Katla launches NFT collection for ocean regeneration. – Katla

The drop contains 10,000 unique ‘Wonderful Beings’ – artwork of women with a single ear — representing strong women and ‘Climate Warriors’. Fifteen percent of proceeds from the NFTs (15 percent of sales from the initial drop and 15 percent of ongoing royalties after deduction of taxes and transaction fees) will go toward seaweed cultivation in Iceland.

“I am extremely excited about the potential to use NFTs to raise funds for positive environmental impact. The fashion industry contributes approximately 10% of global carbon emissions and is the second most water-polluting industry,” said Katla CEO and founder, Aslaug Magnusdottir. 

“Katla is deeply inspired by the beauty of the ocean and is dedicated to building awareness about ocean regeneration through a community of ocean lovers. As an industry, we need to take responsibility and participate in the healing of the planet.”

Supporting the NFT launch is a group of 100 female athletes, entrepreneurs and creatives, who together form the group of founding members. They include the likes of Rebecca MinkoffWilsonVikings actress Ragga Ragnars.

“Our founding members are powerhouse individuals of diverse expertise: Olympic athletes, ocean conservationists, entrepreneurs and CEOs of companies,” added Magnusdottir. “Together we are proudly motivated to promote ocean regeneration, one of the key drivers to fighting climate change.”

For the launch of Wonderful Beings, Katla partnered with technology startup IVY.cash. They can be purchased with a credit card from the katla.com website or by scanning QR codes on Katla clothing. The NFTs are minted on Polygon, an energy efficient blockchain.

Katla first teamed up with Waage back in March for the launch of a limited-edition hoodie drop featuring NFT artwork that pays tribute to women’s empowerment. 

“It has been an inspiring journey and I am delighted to participate in this project with Katla and IVY. It is exciting to see my artwork flourish into NFT’s,” added Waage.

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