Trussardi to promote inclusive projects with Afro Fashion Association

Trussardi to promote inclusive projects with Afro Fashion Association

Translated by

Nicola Mira

TrussardiSebastian Suhl

Sebastian Suhl and Michelle Francine Ngomno – DR

Trussardi and AFA have agreed to, among other things, stage a series of initiatives themed around diversity and equality in the fashion world, backing individuals with a multicultural profile by supporting them in developing projects and highlighting opportunities, while at the same time creating synergies between the Italian label and the association founded by Italian-Cameroonian designer Michelle Francine Ngomno in 2015 to promote African fashion in Europe, and give voice to African and minority ethnic talents who have settled in Italy.

As part of this partnership, Trussardi has committed to hire “new candidates with a multicultural background,” to organise mentorship and training programmes for emerging talents and the AFA community, as well as to jointly stage a cycle of workshops with AFA, as the two parties indicated in a press release.

“This agreement represents a very important step for us in broadening and asserting our commitment to promote inclusivity and plurality policies, both inside and outside the company,” said CEO Sebastian Suhl, describing AFA as “an ideal partner, with whom we share a vision and values.” For AFA, collaborating with an established label like Trussardi means significant recognition, and will surely give the association greater visibility, helping it push forward its projects.


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