Kim Kardashian signs up RosalÃa for Skimsâs new lingerie campaign

Kim Kardashian signs up Rosalía for Skims’s new lingerie campaign


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Nicola Mira

US celebrity and businesswoman Kim Kardashian

Rosalía in a look by Skims – Instagram de Skims

Skims revealed the collaboration with a short video in which Rosalía, her face initially hidden behind her signature cat-eared motorcycle helmet, walks towards the camera sporting a black bra and shorts, before removing the helmet.

“Todo el mundo lleva Skims (everyone wears Skims),” says Rosalía in Spanish, slinging out a smile before turning around and away from the camera.

In a statement to Billboard News, Skims said it was inspired by the “international influence of Rosalía, who transcends music and continues to expand in the world of fashion,” and described the star of the ‘Motomami’ album as “the most relevant global female artist right now.”

Kardashian, cited in the statement, highlighted Rosalía’s ability to “push the boundaries and experiment with her music and personal style,” and said she was keen to bring her “energy and confidence” to this ad campaign, which for the first time is aimed at a Spanish-speaking audience.

Rosalía herself shared some pics on social media, posing with several snug cotton lingerie sets in neutral colours, and in a couple of hours she totted up thousands of likes, including those by actress Rossy de Palma

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