Leviâs launches star-studded campaign for 150th anniversary

Levi’s launches star-studded campaign for 150th anniversary

Levi’s announced on Thursday the launch of the Levi’s 501 ‘90s jean and a new star-studded campaign, launching to kick off the 150th anniversary of the brand. 

Levi’s launches star-studded campaign for 150th anniversary. – Levi’s

To help launch its latest iteration of the 501, Levi’s partnered with seven visionaries for a campaign that shows off the versatile style of the Original 501 and the 501 ‘90s. 

The campaign dubbed ‘501: The Number That Changed Everything’, includes hip-hop innovator, actor, and producer Kid Cudi; artist, designer, and cultural arbiter Tremaine Emory; sonic innovator and founding member of legendary Beastie Boys’ Mike D; fashion icon Nathan Westling; model, creative director, and style innovator Gia Seo; stylist, sartorial taste-maker, and first Black woman to style a Vogue

“The Original 501 is a true icon and has been for almost 150 years. It’s a foundational piece in everyone’s closet, and the perfect blank canvas for individual style and self-expression,” said Karen Riley-Grant, chief marketing officer. 

“For this campaign, we proudly teamed up with seven trailblazers who are famous for pushing boundaries and living authentic lives fueled by creativity and originality. They embody the aspirational spirit that the Levi’s 501 is famous for.” 

In 1873, Levi Strauss & Co

“With denim, nostalgia can be a source of both comfort and style. Having that favourite worn-in pair of jeans from the past is what we aim to capture with the new 501 ‘90s jean–it taps into that vintage look & feel, but it’s been made fresh and modern for today. It’s inspired by the way people were wearing our 501s in the late ‘90s. A bit more relaxed, midrise, with just the right amount of bagginess in the leg – easy, effortless and cool,” said Karyn Hillman, chief product officer. 

The ‘501: The Number That Changed Everything’ Campaign is now live, while the 501 ’90 is expected to launch online and in-store mid-February.

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