Katla launches NFT collection with Icelandic artist Hendrikka Waage

Katla launches NFT collection with Icelandic artist Hendrikka Waage

Sustainable, made-to-order womenswear brand Katla has pioneered a new way to distribute NFTs through clothes. 

Katla launches NFT collection with Icelandic artist, Hendrikka Waage. – Katla

The initiative launched on International Women’s Day with the exclusive Katla X Hendirikka collection, created in collaboration with Icelandic artist, Hendrikka Waage. The collection includes a limited-edition hoodie drop featuring NFT artwork that pays tribute to women’s empowerment. 

Each of the NFTs are part of an edition of 10,000 and the first 30,000 customers to scan the QR code will each receive their free NFT. Via the collection, anyone can access the NFTs by simply scanning the QR code found on the clothing. 

“We are thrilled to pioneer a new way of distributing NFTs – directly through clothing. It is apt that our first launch is today, on International Women’s Day, as we seek to amplify female perspectives in the NFT space. In the coming months, we will continue to launch new NFT drops through clothing,” said Katla founder and CEO, Aslaug Magnusdottir. 

Waage created a series of three NFTs that highlight a portrait of a lady with a single-ear motif, paying tribute to women who have forged their own way rather than following conventional wisdom.
One hundred percent of profits from the sale of the hoodies during the month of March will be donated to Care’s Ukraine Crisis Fund.

“As a female-founded and operated brand, uplifting women is rooted in Katla’s DNA,” said Waage. “I applaud Katla’s leadership in the fashion industry and look forward to launching our first NFT collection together.”  

Katla partnered with Ivy.cash to create the most seamless possible way to own an NFT. Ivy’s technology platform is low-impact and backed by a more scalable, environmentally friendly, and energy-efficient mechanism.

Additionally, the Katla NFT drop contains ‘3 Golden Ticket NFTs’. The winners of the golden ticket will receive a $500 gift card to spend on Katla.com, a Wonderful Beings print signed by the artist, and a complimentary limited edition Katla X Hendrikka Golden Lady hoodie. 

The collection is now available for purchase at Katla.com. 

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