Modtissimoâs triumphant return to Exponor

Modtissimo’s triumphant return to Exponor

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Modtissimo returns to Exponor after almost two decades of absence. After hosting the textile show between 1993 and 2005, the exhibition space once again welcomed professionals from the industry during this “highly successful” edition, as mentioned by the organization in a statement. They also stressed how the Portuguese IPO will be able to benefit from the current disruptions in the Asian supply chain.

Modtissimo returns to Exponor, the space that hosted its 59th edition on February 16 and 17, after almost two decades of absence. – Fotografia: Divulgação

The 59th edition of Modtissimo exceeded expectations on February 16 and 17, bringing together 300 exhibiting brands and attracting nearly 5,000 visitors (475 of them international). Austria, who was invited to last October’s edition, was once again present with the added benefit of North American buyers’ return. The organization also highlighted the presence of buyers from Germany, Spain and the Netherlands, underlining the “clearly visible” interest in Portuguese manufacturing, “not only as a result of the shift back to European production, but also due to the perceived quality, innovation, and sustainability” of the Portuguese textile and apparel industry.

Director of Modtissimo, Manuel Serrão, emphasized that “both exhibitors and visitors” were “delighted with the exhibition space”, validating the choice of the show’s organizers to return to Exponor, an environment that “successfully replicates the common atmosphere of international trade fairs”. Exponor allowed exhibitors and information forums to meet in Pavilion 5, something that was not possible at the February edition of the Porto Airport trade show.

Portuguese sustainable fashion at the 59th edition of Modtissimo – Fotografia: Divulgação

In addition to the novelties seen from the textile, accessories, and clothing companies (own brand and/or private label), the latest edition of Modtissimo also featured an extensive program of activities, including 14 lectures that addressed topics in the fields of sustainability, innovation, research and operational issues such as costs, labor shortages, and opportunities for Portugal to position itself as a prosperous market. 

The show was also attended by “Sustainable Fashion From Portugal”, a project created by ATP (Associação Têxtil e Vestuário de Portugal) to promote Portuguese fashion in the sector of responsible production and circular economy in foreign markets. The event additionally held the national presentation of The Green Wave magazine, ATP’s latest initiative in promoting Portoguese fashion globally.

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