We’ll All Be Dressing Like Neon Highlighters This Summer, According to Celebs

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The Valentino Barbie pink trend that took over runways and red carpets at the end of last year has Pokémon-evolutioned into its next form: neoncore, or dressing like a highlighter. Will this be enough to kill the sheer-dress trend? Only time will tell, but it’s definitely on the up-and-up!

Vivid, vibrant, superbright hues have started popping up on celebs of all stripes, and we think it could be the next big trend. Here’s Hailey Bieber in a neon green bikini during a recent vacation:

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She even paired the outfit with a neon hat because, weirdly, all neon colors go with other neon colors. You actually can’t clash if you’re already this flashy. One of those things!

And here’s Kendall Jenner in a similarly slime-colored two-piece, in case you thought we were kidding about the neon-is-back thing. 

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Demi Moore and her daughter Scout Willis put an upscale, elegant twist on the style at a fashion event in Los Angeles, pulling a Cosmo and Wanda on the step and repeat. Oh, a Cosmo and Wanda is where one person wears solid pink and the other person wears solid green. Trust me, it’s a phrase, don’t worry about it.

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