Rent The Runway is turning fast fashion into insulating materials

Rent The Runway is turning fast fashion into insulating materials



This new year, Rent The Runway is taking on fast fashion and calling on the public to make green resolutions through a striking new campaign. Not content with raising awareness of the impact of waste on the environment, the platform is launching a collection lasting the whole month of January, in the aim of transforming used fast fashion clothes into insulating materials for the construction of houses and buildings.

Through its “Fast Fashion Free” campaign, the Rent The Runway platform is essentially tackling the waste generated by what some call disposable fashion. A large-scale poster campaign has been rolled out to several US cities, including New York, to raise consumer awareness of a more responsible approach to fashion.

But it will also offer the public a series of actions to help people adopt new green resolutions throughout 2022. Among other things, the platform offers several recycling options, as well as videos from activists like Leah Thomas.

Throughout the month of January, Rent The Runway is also organizing a collection operation in its New York store. The idea is to collect used or unwanted fast fashion items and to recycle them into insulating materials, thanks to a partnership with the company Green Tree Textiles Recycling.

More broadly, the platform hopes to encourage people to buy less, rent more, and put an end to compulsive shopping.

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