Kim Kardashian Showed Up to a Non–Costume Party Dressed as Mystique From

Feeling blue? Here’s something that might cheer you up: Kim Kardashian committed one of the greatest fashion faux pas of all time, the kind you thought happened only to Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. Kim K, all decked out for Halloween as Mystique from X-Men (a.k.a. the shape-shifting character played by both Rebecca Romijn and Jennifer Lawrence) attended Tracee Ellis Ross’s 50th-birthday party, which she quickly learned was not a costume party, but a normal party. 

For her Mystique costume, Kim K was covered in blue latex from neck to toe. Her face was covered in blue paint, and she wore a red wig and yellow contacts. But Kim didn’t go solo. The Skims founder formed a group of X-Women (sorry) alongside friends Olivia Pierson as Magik and Natalie Halcro as Selene.

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