Amazon plans more warehouses and higher headcount in Europe

Amazon plans more warehouses and higher headcount in Europe


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Amazon has invested 142 billion euros ($156 billion)in Europe since 2010, and its growth in the region was boosted in recent years from COVID-19 lockdowns driving shopping online.

Stefano Perego, vice president of global operations for North America and Europe, said Amazon’s footprint in Europe would increase from more than 70 fulfilment centres currently, though he declined to say how many new warehouses are planned or where, saying only that the company is guided by customer demand.

The expansion is part of Amazon’s push to increase efficiency by cutting delivery distances and making fulfilment centres more automated.

As a heated debate swirls around artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential risks, Perego, speaking at a Shoptalk

Robots help make warehouses safer, he said, by reducing the need for workers to move heavy objects or make repetitive motions, and allowing them to focus on tasks requiring more skill. 

“The ability to have a collaborative deployment of AI is really a key strategic element for us,” Perego s

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