EmRata’s Velvet Versace Hoodie Is Anything but Casual

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The hoodie: a basic anyone can turn to when they want to feel cosy, wrapped up, and relaxed. But Emily Ratajkowski recently wore a Versace hoodie that represents something rather different. The model faced the New York City chill this week in a hooded velvet top that was as traffic-stopping as any of the sheer dresses in her closet. 

With a plunging neckline and midriff-flossing straps secured by a Medusa emblem that drew attention to her abs, this was anything but casual wear. Taking us still further from that territory, Ratajkowski wore her velvet top with knee-high boots, Medusa stud earrings, and a low-rise body-con skirt, similar to the style that Kate Moss wore on the cover of British . 

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