16 New Balance Dad Shoes to Complete All Your ’Fits

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If you’re a bona fide sneakerhead, you might already know that New Balance dad shoes have their foothold in the game. (And if not, consider this your cue.) Whichever you pair gravitate to, they have staying power for a reason: First, there’s the practicality component that warrants their premier status for the best dad shoes. The brand is rooted in sportswear, not streetwear—so most styles tend to be comfortable and supportive enough for walking or working out.

No shade to Nike, Fila, and Asics, but New Balance dad shoes are chic, too—aligning them with celeb and influencer faves like Adidas and Reebok (which, if you recall, has an ongoing collab with none other than Victoria Beckham). The brand has leaned hard into its history, releasing throwback-inspired kicks that look like they came straight from pop’s marathon training days. And we want them. In fact, it seems like everyone wants them (and wears them) despite them—or maybe because of them—not being Yeezys or more high-fashion Balenciagas. These are accessible and cool.

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