30 Cute Desk Accessories That Give Us Back-to-School-Season Feels

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Whether or not you’re actually heading back to school this fall, cute desk accessories and a workspace refresh can do wonders for snapping a hazy summer brain into work mode. Sure, you can try to enlist the Pomodoro Technique or opt into time blocking to kick off your new season mindset, but if you’re like us, easing into efficiency by way of a shopping to-do list isn’t just a much easier pill to swallow—it’s way more fun.

Dainty paper clips, bright tape dispensers, and pen holders give us major back-to-school-season feels. You know the ones: fluttery butterflies in your stomach, a distinct wave of optimism, the excitement of un-stucking yourself from a nebulous summer. Who says that all has to end once you’re a grown-ass adult? Plus, the best desk accessories come with the added bonus of amping up our productivity levels—or at least getting us excited to clock in every morning. 

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