Before You Buy That Designer Bag, Think About Reselling It 

With an eye toward the circular economy and the future of style, Glamour will examine the big business of fashion’s secondhand market, which is poised to double in size (to $77 billion) in the next five years with our Restyled series, which will run throughout the month of April. 

No designer bag is more symbolic of the shifting luxury market than the Hermès Mini Kelly. The small top-handle bag, which originally debuted in 1980, is not quite eight inches wide—it barely fits a smartphone—and has a starting retail price of around $8,000 for a leather version at Hermès stores. And that’s if a salesperson will even sell you one if you aren’t Kylie Jenner, famous for her estimated $1 million Hermès bag collection, which includes quite a few Mini Kellys. The resale price, meanwhile, hovers near the price of some luxury cars. At Sotheby’s, the average auction price for the Mini Kelly II—the newest version of the bag, which launched in 2016—neared $29,000 in 2021. Ostrich, lizard, and alligator versions went for much more.

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