7 Comfy, Breathable Pajama Sets to Help You Sleep Better

Best Pajamas for Men

7 Comfy, Breathable Pajama Sets to Help You Sleep Better

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A good night’s sleep is just about the best “hack” we know of to help you function better as a human being. Doctors recommend a minimum of seven hours a night, and the average American isn’t even reaching the bare minimum, with fully one in three of them chronically under-rested, according to the CDC.

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There’s plenty of behavioral changes you can make to help yourself get better sleep, from cutting down on caffeine consumption to using blue-light-blocking glasses when viewing screens in the evening, but one very overlooked area for improvement is sleepwear. If you’re accustomed to just putting on an old t-shirt and boxers, you’re doing it wrong.

The right sleepwear will help keep you cool during the warmer months and warm during the cooler months. It will regulate your body temperature, minimize or eliminate itching or discomfort, and give you the feeling of coziness you need to let your mind shut down for the night. Even something as simple as the ritual of putting on your pajamas will help you signal to your mind that the day is done with and it’s time to prepare for sleep.

There are no shortage of pajamas for men, but they’re not all built to the same standards of design and quality. To help you find the perfect pair for your needs, we’ve scoured the Internet to find some of the most comfortable and stylish pajama sets for guys.

Lacoste Long Stretch Cotton Pyjamas Set


Lightweight, extremely comfortable, stylish – what more could you want from one of our go-to pajamas for men? These Lacoste options are made from stretchy, breathable cotton, and cut to a relaxed fit. Small details, such as the embroidered crocodiles on the chest or the fitted leg bottoms, add a little flair as well.

$65.99 at Lacoste.com

Bedfellow The Short Set


An entire company dedicated to making men’s sleepwear? Not so long ago, it wouldn’t have been possible, but Bedfellow’s devotion to quality materials has earned them a global fanbase, and The Short Set is a perfect illustration of why. Looks like a humble shorts-and-shirt set, right? Think again. Flat stitch seams, a stretchy, breathable fabric that feels like a second skin on your body, and absolutely no irritating paper laundry labels or stickers – this is your ultimate sleepwear option.

$114.99 at BedfellowDreams.com

L.L. Bean Scotch Plaid Flannel Pajamas

L.L. Bean

Every man needs a comfortable pair of flannel PJs, especially those who live in colder climates, and no one does it better than L.L. Bean. With three fit options, six size options, and ten color choices, the Scotch Plaid Flannel Pajamas have something for everyone, and their extra-strength flannel (with fibers about a quarter-inch longer than the competition) is both durable and comfortable. With added convenience features like pockets and an elastic waistband, these are perfect for everyday wear.

$79 at LLBean.com

Hanes Plain-Weave Pajama Set


This pajama set from Hanes offers ultra-lightweight and streamlined sleepwear for a bargain price. The cotton-polyester fabric blend keeps you cool and allows your body to breathe, while the styling is straight out of 1950s Americana, right down to the button-up top with chest pocket.

From $18.21 at Amazon.com

Sleepy Jones Henry Pajama Set

Sleepy Jones

If you’ve got deep pockets and want a versatile, comfortable and stylish pajama set, you can’t do better than the Henry Pajama Set from Sleepy Jones. Made from a luxurious, soft cotton fabric, with folded cuffs, contour stitching, front and back pants pockets and a chest pocket on the button-up shirt, these are the ultimate pajamas.

$198 at SleepyJones.com

Parachute Waffle Lounge Set


If you like to blur the lines between sleepwear and athleisure, you’ll love these extra-comfy joggers and matching pullover from Parachute. They’re made from 100% cotton in a waffle weave engineered not to lose its fit over time. We love the deep pants pockets and the finished cotton rib cuffs on both the pant legs and top sleeves.

$89 at ParachuteHome.com

Hugo Boss Stretch-Modal Pajama Set

Hugo Boss

If you’ve been tossing and turning in the summer heat each night, you might find some relief with the Stretch-Modal Pajama Set from Hugo Boss. The semi-synthetic fabric known as modal comes from beach tree pulp and is famous for its durability, flexibility and breathability – all things you want in your sleepwear. We can’t talk about this set without also mentioning the styling: a color-blocked top and light beige shorts, offering light, summer-appropriate tones.

$98 at HugoBoss.com

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