Mango opens in Westfield, will boost UK presence with 13 new stores in 2023

Mango opens in Westfield, will boost UK presence with 13 new stores in 2023


The company is bouncing back strongly after an earlier period of weakness and has been opening new locations in the UK based on its Mediterranean concept. 

This concept sees Mango stores “as a Mediterranean home with different rooms in which warm tones and neutral colours predominate, combined with traditional, artisanal, sustainable and natural materials, such as ceramic, tuff, wood, marble, sparto grass and leather”.

Its latest stage of expansion will take in a broad spread of cities, as well as adding resort and university town Brighton to its line-up for the first time. It will open a 470 sq m store in Brighton’s Churchill Square shopping centre.

“The United Kingdom is one of the key markets for Mango’s international expansion. Our arrival this year in cities we have not been present in until now and in some of the largest shopping centres in the country will consolidate the Mango brand and allow us to strengthen our position internationally”, said Daniel López, Mango’s Director of Expansion and Franchises.

As mentioned, it has already opened a number of UK stores in recent periods with the first few months of the year seeing new spaces in Solihull, Bristol

Mango is performing strongly at present and that performance comes with an ambitious expansion programme that’s seeing it opening a raft of new stores internationally. 

For instance, earlier this month on the first anniversary of its flagship store debut on Fifth Avenue

Last year, it opened 270 stores globally, to reach a worldwide total store count of around 2,600. It also reported record turnover of €2.68 billion, up 20.3% on 2021 and 13.2% up on 2019.

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