Kylie Jenner Has Debuted Her Most Shockingly Simple Outfit Yet

Wow. Whoa! And may I also add, OMG. Kylie Jenner spent the weekend in Paris, experimenting with Sofia Richie Grainge–style dressing: tailored, sophisticated, neutral pieces that look expensive but not flashy. She wore a sporty two-piece to visit Chanel (which might be the white version of the outfit below?), and a simple (in a good way) black sundress to lunch. Quiet luxury, but make it Jenner loud.

It was a welcome break from the makeup mogul’s usual uniform of can’t-breathe-in-it latex corsets and dresses that are more cutout than actual fabric. (Nnot shaming! Just saying, it’s a heck of a style to keep up all the time.) And now she has officially out-simpled herself. Yes, Kylie Jenner just posted a (spon con) pic of herself in…a beige suit.

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