Comfortable Jorts Have Replaced the Hot Pants Trend This Summer

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Bye, hot pants; hello, jorts! In 2023 the motto for summer shorts is: The wider, the better.

It’s been over 10 years since skinny jeans seemed to be the only pants one could wear to any occasion. Whether they were styled with a low waist, a super-high waist, or a rolled-up leg, the skinny jean was our trusty companion—until we discovered baggy jeans, a wide waistband, and the convenience of relaxed silhouettes. So it’s no wonder that not only do we go for the relaxed cuts when it comes to long pants, but now in summer even our jean shorts are no longer tight and skimpy. Instead, super-baggy and low-waist options have been trending this year. Gone are the tight hot pants of summers past.

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Of course, jorts are not a new invention—like everything trendy at the moment, baggy denim shorts are coming back from the early 2000s and joining the list of Y2K essentials. But while they used to sit a little tighter, in 2023 it’s the bigger, the better. These shorts are characterized not only by their wide cut but also their length: The perfect jorts for 2023 should reach at least to the knees and finish just as wide as they started. The fabric is relatively unimportant—whether cargo models, classic denim shorts, or suit shorts, the main thing is that they sit wide and comfortable.

Celebrities like Bella Hadid, Justin Bieber, and Amelia Grey Hamlin have discovered the modern alternative to skimpy hot pants, and the catwalks are also full of the more relaxed baggy version. French label Givenchy, for example, relaunched the Y2K pants in a cool distressed cargo version, while the Gucci Cruise 2023 collection relied on extravagant rhinestone trim in the style of the ’90s. And typical skater brands like Carhartt and Adidas have launched similar versions of the jorts.

Bella Hadid at the Tom Ford fashion show

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Christinna Kuan wears a gray blazer with matching shorts, a black crop top, and sneakers.

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From the Givenchy womenswear spring-summer 2023 show

Dominique Charriau

Also Givenchy womenswear spring-summer 2023

Dominique Charriau

With their massive shape, roomy pockets, and countless combination options, jorts join the ranks of gender-fluid fashion: They can be worn perfectly unisex, adapt to any shape and figure, and create interesting proportions and contrasts when paired with different ’fits.

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