Hailey Bieber Is Taking This Whole ‘Strawberry Girl’ Thing

Perhaps planning to adhere to the “no white after Labor Day” credo, Hailey Bieber made the most of the last acceptable week of whites in a Marc Jacobs minidress that contrasts beautifully with her glowy tan. (It’s technically gauche to wear white post-September 4…or is that another rule made to be broken?)

The model stepped out in NYC in a super-short wet-look dress that’s a little bit toga, a little bit bedsheets. Her jewelry—a necklace, hoop earrings, a ring, and a wristwatch—are all yellow gold, while her accessories are a matching firetruck red: Manolo Blahnik shoes, a Ferragamo bag, and cherry nails. Bieber kept her cinnamon cookie butter bob (which appears to be freshly trimmed—little refresh moment, á la Zendaya?) parted on the side, because side parts will never die, Gen Z be darned!

Raymond Hall

So, the Marc Jacobs resurgence is happening, yeah? The It designer of the ’00s and early ’10s recently enlisted Kim Kardashian for its fall fashion campaign, the first buzzy move the brand has made in recent memory. But more to the point here, Marc Jacobs Beauty (2013–2021) is returning, and Hailey Bieber is the perfect unofficial ambassador for the line. She’s already adjacent to cosmetics with her skin care brand Rhode and has become the go-to face for launching new beauty trends, most recently the strawberry girl—a trend that she is no doubt referencing here with her rosy cheeks and red accessories while promoting her new strawberry glaze lip treatment.


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