Even Jennifer Lopez, Queen of Glam, Is Embracing the Coastal-Grandmother Aesthetic

Jennifer Lopez is the epitome of “​​I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom”—but without the Juicy Couture tracksuit (sorry, Amy Poehler). 

For Mother’s Day on May 8, the mom of two celebrated with her daughter Emme and her sister Leslie Lopez with lunch at Soho House in Los Angeles.

The 52-year-old singer wore a breezy white maxi shirtdress, which she accessorized with an Hermès belt and cream-colored fringe cardigan. Paired with her snakeskin Birkin and angular oversize shades, the look is textbook “coastal grandmother”—a.k.a. moneyed, relaxed, and comfy. 


We already know that J.Lo loves her layers, especially when it comes to frilly cardigans and big coats. This silhouette is becoming a staple in Lopez’s wardrobe, with more and more of her fashion moments featuring overcoats and fun jackets. Maybe it’s just to stay warm, or maybe J.Lo is as obsessed with Diane Keaton as the rest of us are.


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