The Met Gala 2022 Theme, Explained

Spring has sprung, Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza is back, and the Met Gala 2022 has restored fashion world peace to the first Monday in May. Even though it feels like just yesterday we were watching Sir Lil Knight X disrobe on the red carpet, fashion’s biggest night is officially, fully back, and we couldn’t be more excited to sit around in sweatpants with stains on them and discuss celebrity looks. It’s one of the simple pleasures in life.

By far one of the most exciting parts about the Met Gala is seeing how attendees interpret the night’s theme through their elaborate outfits and over-the-top beauty looks. Who can forget Lady Gaga’s four-act performance for the 2019 camp-themed event or Rihanna’s pope cosplay at the 2018 gala? This year’s theme is Gilded Glamour, per , and if you’re not a history buff, you may have a few questions on what exactly that means. 

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