Ami Paris opens virtual store on Zepeto metaverse

Ami Paris opens virtual store on Zepeto metaverse

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AmiAlexandre Mattiussi

The virtual world of Ami Paris – AMI Paris

Zepeto was created by South Korean group Naver in 2018. It hosts a number of different worlds, allowing users to connect with each other through 3D avatars. In just a few years, Zepeto has become the largest metaverse platform in Asia. It is especially interesting for luxury labels, as it enables them to capture the attention of younger web users on Zepeto. After GucciDiorRalph LaurenBulgari

Once they have set up an avatar, users who wish to enter the label’s virtual universe will find themselves transported into Montmartre, at the foot of the Sacré-Cœur basilica, in a picture-postcard version of the label’s signature Parisian mood. They can stroll around in an idyllic setting overlooking the French capital’s rooftops, the Eiffel Tower glittering in the distance, passing small bistros like the Au Bon Ami café, Paris’s famous Morris columns, and the wrought-iron Art Nouveau entrance to the metro station.

“In Ami’s Zepeto world, visitors are able to amble around Montmartre, explore the Sacré-Cœur, the metro, the local cafés and bakeries, and more. They can interact in real time with their environment by creating postcards they can share with their communities, both on Zepeto and on other social media channels,” said Amo, in a press release.

Ami’s metaverse store – AMI Paris

Stepping into Ami’s metaverse store is of course a must. Virtual visitors will be able to buy the label’s first wearables collection, consisting of some 15 digital items corresponding to physical items of the Spring/Summer 2023 collection that was unveiled exactly a year ago, during a show staged in Montmartre. Accessories-wise, the brand offers a heart-shaped balloon and nail varnish with the Ami logo. Payments are made in Zem, Zepeto’s virtual currency.

The Ami e-shop now includes a page dedicated to this new initiative, selling the IRL version of the items found on Zepeto, each accompanied by an image of its digital counterpart worn by an avatar.

Ami’s Zepeto metaverse was launched on Friday April 14, and four days later it had almost topped the 500,000-visitor mark.

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