Nicola and Brooklyn Peltz-Beckham Are Borrowing the Biebers’ Overdressed GF, Underdressed BF formula

Though Nicola and Brooklyn Peltz-Beckham have yet to settle on an aesthetic as recognizable as Victoria and David’s back in the ’00s, both of them seem to understand that a coordinated wardrobe is a powerful medium. That is why so many of their public outings seem to pay homage to other couples’ looks. Yes, the original Mr. and Mrs. Beckham, but also Justin and Hailey Bieber’s underdressed-overdressed formula.


Last night Nicola decided to wear a leather sheath with vertiginous platform stilettos and slash of red lipstick. Brooklyn, meanwhile, wore a washed-out Foo Fighters T-shirt and a backward baseball cap. Taken as a whole, the look was redolent of the time Hailey Beiber wore an LRD (little red dress) with strappy stilettos while promoting her Dunkin’ Donuts collab, accompanied by Justin Bieber in…Crocs.

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