Anne Hathaway Solved Your Workwear Fatigue With One ‘Business Casual’ Look

Anne Hathaway has always been stylish, but in the past few years she’s gone from “safe” red-carpet staple to the high-fashion girlie to watch, wearing gowns and diamonds and runway and couture. This past fashion month she’s had win after win, teaming up with Versace to display some of her sexiest and smartest looks of all time.

But this? This is another level. This is different.


I want to understand, and I don’t understand. What is this? What’s happening here?


Stepping out for a Good Morning America appearance in New York City, the Devil Wears Prada star wore a suit with denim accents to create the illusion of…double pants? A jean corset? #Jorset. Hathaway and her stylist, Erin Walsh, paired the Dion Lee ensemble with a peachy glow and undone waves. It’s giving “business casual” and “office-appropriate jeans.”

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