Kim Kardashian Is Bringing Back One of the Most Divisive Bag Trends This Summer

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Look, Kris Jenner, no hands! Kim Kardashian’s latest trick is bringing back one of the most popular yet fleeting bag trends of 2019: the belt bag. 

We’re not talking about the trusted fanny pack—which has remained a wardrobe staple (as long as it’s worn across your chest and not, god forbid, around your hips). No, the 42-year-old reality star recently wore a pink Chanel chain belt featuring a small structured pouch with a pair of oversized ripped jeans and a cropped white T-Shirt. Most importantly, she wore this look in the presence of certified fashion icon Victoria Beckham, who not only posed for multiple photos alongside Kardashian with a hint of a smile on her face but shared the pics on her own Instagram grid—the ultimate sign of sartorial approval from Posh Spice.

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